Our 100% recyclable plastic pallets are built to handle the heaviest of loads.

Durable. Cost Effective. User Friendly.

CTC manufactures a wide array of plastic pallets made from recycled material to fit your needs. All of our pallets are environmentally friendly, resistant to pest infestation, mold, and mildew. The best part? Once you’re finished with your pallets, CTC will purchase them back from you to be repurposed for another project.

Why Choose Us?


Created with Recycled Resin

Our 99% recycled resin is a lower cost alternative to virgin resin with the same high quality and process.


Improved Sustainability

Creating products with recycled materials reduces energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, while helping your business reach its sustainability goals.


Extensive Expertise

Our extensive experience and patented process ensures your custom compression molded products exceed expectations.

A New Level of Quality

Our in-house laboratory tests all combinations of resins and recycled materials to determine the best blend for client requirements with optimal, cost-effective execution. Our state-of-the-art lab has the ability to test for:

  • Material content
  • Tensile strength
  • Flex strength
  • Izod
  • Gardner impact
  • Melt flow rate
  • Ash content
  • Density
  • Shrink rate
  • Moisture percentage

These all play an essential role in the performance and quality of your plastic products.

Plastic pallet

Over 25 Years of Sustainable Solutions

With over 100 million pounds recycled annually, CTC takes everyday waste and returns it back into the market, helping companies meet their sustainability goals while promoting a green environment.

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The CTC Product Line

We manufacture a full line of plastic pallets and custom resins by converting recycled plastics into new products with high-quality craftsmanship.

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