Providing high-quality, large plastic parts while maintaining low costs and reducing material waste.

Custom Molded Products That Exceed Expectations

Custom molding utilizes inexpensive tooling at lower pressures, allowing us to produce products at a low cost to you. The process quickly and accurately turns simple, flat panels into highly complex 3D designs. Customized molding cells will fit your needs and using our recycled resin, we will replicate your project thoroughly.

Custom Molding Capabilities

  • Parts manufactured to specification
  • Experienced mold technicians
  • In-house material formulation
  • ISO 9001:2015 Compliant
  • Material development
  • Fleet of large tonnage presses from 750 tons up to 4000 tons
  • Bed sizes up to 96″ x 144″
  • Part weight up to 100 lbs.

Variety of presses allow us to produce a wide range of part sizes.

Compared to injection molding, compression molding allows for more challenging and economical materials, eliminating the need for pelletized formulas.

Equipment and tools required for compression molding operations are much simpler than those required for other molding methods, meaning less capital investment and lower production costs.

When handled correctly, wear and tear sustained by molds during operations is minimal, meaning less maintenance and longer life span of the tooling.

The compression molding process involves loading the material directly into the mold cavity and is not subject to part weight limitations– except for those imposed by part design and equipment, like size and pressure capacities. As a result, compression molding has the ability to handle large amounts of raw materials needed to create larger and thicker parts and products.

Our products can range from 8’ long to 6’ wide, with depths of 6”. Fiberglass, talc, and calcium are the main fillers used to add structure to our product lines. We have the in-house ability to go up to a 40% loading to activate the needed results.

Cell #
Bed Size
Open Height
Close Height
Shot Size
1 Compression 1500 60 x 60 36 6 30 12
3 Compression 800 60 x 96 38 14 24 12
6 Compression 2500 72 x 200 52 16 36 90
7 Compression (11″ Riser) 2500 72 x 235 65 28/17 36 45
8 Compression (2 12″ Risers) 1000 76 x 68 108/81 45/21 60 20
9 Compression (32″ Risers) 4000 96 x 144 120 48/16 72 60/td>

Why Choose Us?


Created with Recycled Resin

Our 99% recycled resin is a lower cost alternative to virgin resin with the same high quality and process.


Improved Sustainability

Creating products with recycled materials reduces energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, while helping your business reach its sustainability goals.


Extensive Expertise

Our extensive experience and patented process ensures your custom compression molded products exceed expectations.

Our Innovative Process

We’ve developed our own unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastic process to achieve high-quality compression molding products. Using glass that grants greater stiffness without jeopardizing brittleness, while also reinforcing plastic without a cost penalty, our specialized extruder and screw technology allows for longer glass realization. These parts surpass other composites in deep ribs, bosses, standoffs, and draws.

Metal compression molding

Over 25 Years of Sustainable Solutions

With over 100 million pounds recycled annually, CTC takes everyday waste and returns it back into the market, helping companies meet their sustainability goals while promoting a green environment.

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The CTC Product Line

We manufacture a full line of plastic pallets and custom resins by converting recycled plastics into new products with high-quality craftsmanship.

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