Yesterday’s Plastics are Today’s Solutions.

CTC Plastics is helping companies achieve sustainability goals through upcycling plastic waste into new products.

Sustainable Solution-Based Services

CTC Plastics has extensive experience in custom molding and compounding plastics for a variety of industries utilizing both recycled and virgin materials.

CTC Plastics has created a unique process of recycling post-industrial scrap into polypropylene compounds that are optimized for customers’ specific applications.

CTC Plastics utilizes custom molding to develop simple and complex parts quickly and accurately. We use inexpensive tooling at low pressures which is ideal for flatter products with minimum depth.

CTC manufactures a wide array of plastic pallets made from recycled and virgin material to fit your needs. All of our pallets are environmentally friendly, resistant to pest infestation, mold, and mildew.

Reuse, Recycle, and Reinvest in Your Company.

Through a closed-loop recycling process, CTC buys post-industrial plastics from US-based suppliers. Once a product reaches the end of its lifecycle, the product is recycled to be repurposed in another project.

Recycleable plastic product lifecycle

The CTC Product Line

We manufacture a full line of plastic pallets and custom resins by converting recycled plastics into new products with high-quality craftsmanship.

Multi-use return trip plastic pallet
One-way use plastic pallet
Retail display pallet red illustration
Pile of black resin pellets

Over 25 Years of Sustainable Solutions

With over 100 million pounds recycled annually, CTC Plastics takes everyday waste and returns it back into the market. We believe that sustainability and quality are necessities throughout the product-life cycle, which is why we take pride in helping companies meet their sustainability goals while promoting a green environment.


Reduced energy usage when using recycled plastic to create new products


Reduced energy usage when using recycled plastic to create new products

Discover How We’re Making an Impact

Industries We Serve

Food canning production line

We help ensure food manufacturers reliably transport products from farm to table.

Car wheel and tire

We produce high-volume pallets and resins for the automotive industry.

Red lawn mower mowing grass

Our recycled plastic pallets help transport lawn and garden products both globally and domestically.

Waste recycling bins outside

We provide custom molding options to many waste management solutions companies to help construct their products.

Food in fridge at grocery

From retail display to grocery transportation, we assist with each step in the consumer process.

Large warehouse with boxes on pallets

Our products help plastics manufacturers transport their products in a sustainable manner.

Want to Embrace a Greener Future?

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