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CTC Plastics produces custom products created to meet your specific needs, from highly complex 3D products to flat, simple panels.

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Custom Molding Landing

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Created with
Recycled Resin

Our 99% recycled resin is a lower cost alternative to virgin resin with the same high quality and process.



Our patented long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic process allows for long glass realization through our extruder and screw technology.



Our extensive experience and patented process ensures your custom compression molded products exceed expectations.

Plastic pellets

Nationally Recognized Molding Services

As one of the country’s largest recyclers of post-industrial plastic, CTC Plastics uses efficient manufacturing methods to create new custom products or re-engineer existing products with high margins and performance.

We have the experience to manage the project alone or offer support at any point during the design, molding, assembly, and packaging and warehousing stages.

Our Patented Process

CTC has developed our own patented-long fiber reinforced thermoplastic process to achieve high-quality compression molding products. Using glass that grants greater stiffness without jeopardizing brittleness, while also reinforcing plastic without a cost penalty, our patented extruder and screw technology allows for longer glass realization.

Our simple, patented process allows for overall lower production costs, lowering your quote.

Metal compression molding

Industries We Serve

Food canning production line

We help ensure food manufacturers reliably transport products from farm to table.

Car wheel and tire

We produce high-volume pallets and resins for the automotive industry.

Red lawn mower mowing grass

Our recycled plastic pallets help transport lawn and garden products both globally and domestically.

Waste recycling bins outside

We provide custom molding options to many waste management solutions companies to help construct their products.

Food in fridge at grocery

From retail display to grocery transportation, we assist with each step in the consumer process.

Large warehouse with boxes on pallets

Our products help plastics manufacturers transport their products in a sustainable manner.